How it works

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Front Loaders

We have several 2-wheeled bikes with front loading storage of different capacities. We can discuss the best bike that fits your needs.

Rear Loaders

We also some more slightly more compact bikes that can carry loads front and rear and which also come with large capacity panniers for extra shopping capacity. These are ideal for riders of all heights and for those with limited space at home as they take up less room.

Carrying Kids

We have a few bikes of both types that can be set up with seats and are able to carry kids up to the height of 130cm (for the front loaders). The maximum load capacity for the rear loaders in total is 172kg so as long as the kids are within this weight and can fit on the seats comfortably and securely age and height is less of an issue.


We have trailers available to add extra capacity to all the eCargo bikes on hire. Trailers are also available to hire separately.

Tern 72


Bikes are only available for pick up and drop off
Fridays (10-3), Saturdays (10-12) and Mondays (9-12).


Loan Costs– These are dependent on type of bike, length of time and type of hirer.
Costs that are not set out below can agreed by arrangement. Fixed deliveries can be agreed by arrangement. Opportunities also exist for sponsorship of particular bikes

ItemHire periodCost
Front or Rear Loader for Domestic Use1 day£20
Front or Rear Loader for Domestic UseWeekend£30
Front Loader for Business Use1 day£30
Front Loader for Business Use1 week£110
Rear Loader for Business Use1 day£25
Rear Loader for Business Use1 week£90
Trailer, domestic or business1 day£5
Trailer, domestic or business1 week£40
Bikes available for community events by arrangement


Bookings can be made via the details on the contact page.
Provisional bookings are not confirmed until all hiring requirements have been met.


A fully refundable deposit will be required for all loans. This is set at £200 for domestic loans and £250 for business loans. In the event of any damage or loss to equipment the deposit will be withheld.

Fitness to ride, bike inspection and terms of hire

Before any bike is loaned out all hirers will be required to complete rider training and demonstrate that they are able to cycle proficiently under load.

A bike inspection in the presence of both parties will be carried out.

To see full Terms and Conditions click here

Both parties will sign an agreement in respect to the above.


Diamond Level locks will be provided with the bikes and it is a condition of the hire agreement that the provided locks will be used to secure the bikes to an immovable object when left alone.

Photographic evidence will be provided at the outset to demonstrate where the bikes will be stored at home or business premises.

Proof of Identity and Address

Copies of Identification documents such as a passport, driving licence or similar will be taken before bikes are hired.

Copies of a proof of address such as utility bill or council tax statement will be taken before bikes are hired.